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Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Resources

Painful and sometimes traumatic experiences, along with a lack of nurturing by dysfunctional parents or parental figures, can leave deep wounds in the inner child – negatively affecting behaviour in adulthood and seeing things through the lens of your younger self.

Most of our inner child wounds come from not feeling safe, secure and protected. Safety is not just physical; it is also emotional, psychological, and spiritual. When we feel truly safe within our family environment, we have our physical and emotional boundaries respected and accepted, and we feel close to and loved by our family and those we care for and trust.

Part of Reparenting or Reconnecting with your Inner Child means giving yourself what you did not receive in childhood from those who were parental figures. Your connection with yourself deepens and enables you to find Self-love, acceptance, and so much more.

Reparenting includes reflecting on your childhood and how it made you feel. What did you feel like you needed more of, as a child?



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