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The Mind: Friend or Foe?

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Resources

Researchers estimate that we have 6,000 thoughts per day and 85% of those thoughts are worrying about things that didn’t actually happen.

It is easy to live life being swept away by our thoughts we are perpetually being driven by them. We think, we think, we think…it is the world we live in.

It is easy to disregard thoughts and fail to reality check the story we are telling ourselves. But true healing and neuroplasticity takes place when we start to challenge some of they ways we think or what we think for that matter. We can begin to bring our attention to what comes up and examine what the experience is for true growth & reorganisation.

Why is this important because we can spend a lot of our time worrying, judging & ruminating about things. When we begin to understand that just because we have a thought it doesn’t mean we have to believe it.

Especially the thoughts that are unhealthy patterns in your life. You know the ones that come up everyday and take certain stage…”I can’t do that” He should have done this…

Start to notice…What thoughts am I having? Are my thoughts being helpful to me right now?

The thought that says, I am not good enough…Well who says so…Is that really true? I’ve been good at some things and other not so much.

When we start to loosen the grip for dear life on the story we are constantly telling ourselves our relationship to ourselves and others start to change. It becomes in essence more flexible, more adaptable. It becomes easier to manage situations that aren’t always to our liking. Once you start shifting your alliance to the mind that is helpful you will gradually become a better friend to yourself.



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