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Healthy Habits, Healthy Mind

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Resources

Routine you say? Having always been slightly disorganised most of my life, due to a little bit of this and a little bit of that…but mostly I’m just easily distracted, like a child chasing butterflies! I’ve had to find ways to get things done. Here’s what works for me…

Develop a system by dividing it into parts: MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING…When it’s jumbled all together you may get less done and feel slightly overwhelmed. This also allows you some flexibility to move things around some days, for example.. if I’m in a flow and I feel like writing, I can move my workout somewhere, but fit in by taking my son to the park or going for a family walk.

Get up half an hour earlier….but why?! Your brain has spent all evening consolidating and reorganising. This is a great time to reflect and see what you need to do when you’re clear minded.

Know your work habits: Is your concentration best in the morning, afternoon or evening? Figure out where you need to put your most important task in. If you have a project that’s due carve out time when you know you are at your best and make arrangements to clear your schedule. If you have children, thats ok, work around naps or trade play dates.

Understand what your distractions are? If you are constantly getting texts and bings from your email, turn the volume off your phone or if you work from home and clutter is going to make you want to clean, tidy up in the evenings or get up half hour earlier.

Take short breaks: 10 Mins of Meditation, watch a funny video, go for a walk. Our body’s going into Rest and Recovery modes every 90 mins…see if you can start to listen to your body and notice when its peaking out or needs to shut everything off for a min.



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