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Stress Questionnaire

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Resources

The following is a list of various symptoms of stress. Count how many of these you are currently experiencing, or have experienced over the past month.

• Tightness in the chest pain / palpitations indigestion breathlessness nausea
 muscle twitches

• Unexplained aches and pains headaches becoming

• Skin conditions

• Recurrence of previous illness/allergies constipation/diarrhoea
 weight loss/weight gain

• Change in menstrual cycle

• Sleep problems/tiredness


• Mood swings

• Feeling anxious

• Feeling tense

• Feelings of anger

• Feeling guilty

• Feelings of shame

• Lack of enthusiasm

• More cynical

• Feeling out of control

• Feeling helpless

• Decrease in confidence/self esteem poor concentration


• Drop in work performance more accident prone drinking and smoking more overeating/loss of appetite change in sleeping patterns poor time

• Management unable to relax social withdrawal

• Loss of interest in sex

• Poor judgement

• Inability to express feelings overreacting


• “I am a failure”

• “I should be able to cope”

• “why is everyone getting at me?” “no one understands”
 “I don’t know what to do”

• “I can’t cope”

• “what’s the point?”

• “I can’t get on top of things”

• “I keep forgetting where I put things” loss of judgement

Stress Rating

Add up your score and check below:

0 – 3 symptoms.
You are unlikely to be stressed.

4 – 7 symptoms.
You are experiencing mild stress and are not coping as well as you could. You need to make some changes to your life.

8 – 11 symptoms.
You are experiencing a moderate degree of stress. You need to make major changes to your life.

Over 12 symptoms.
You are experiencing excessive stress and need to take urgent action.



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