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Power Pose

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Resources, Video

To boost your confidence and reduce stress, try this for two minutes…
Changing the way people stand and look on the outside can affect how people are perceived and treated, and can change physiology in matter of minutes!
I have started applying a practical tool,  called “Power Posing”. Some days it can be challenging to shift states,  but allowing the body to do this for you can influence the mind in a powerful way.  Non-verbal communication  has been applied for centuries and is also the perfect addition to Assertiveness Training.
It can be applied to help change the way we feel on the inside; lowering cortisol levels and increasing testosterone. I find this application to be useful in situations that are generally more stressful, like getting ready for an interview, walking into a room full of strangers or getting your child ready for school (particularly if a child exhibits passive behaviours). It can be a really fun way to change states quickly for both parent and child.
I do this when every morning with my 9 year old when we brush our teeth. He has a laugh and it sets the tone for a calmer morning. Opening and expanding the body – feeling victorious and strong.  You can try flexing the muscles, and doing the “one-two” guns kiss if you like!
As we know, passive people tend to get picked on, based on demeanour, posture, voice, outward appearance. They’re often perceived as powerless, inward, closed off and covered.  Adding power-posing postures as practical tools can be a fun and effective practical strategy that can be easily implemented.
What is Power Posing? 
You simply stand tall, with your chest out for 2 minutes, feeling victorious, strong and confident. Imagine Wonder Woman, Beyonce or Superman.
Amy Cuddy, a Harvard graduate, did a study on this. Cuddy’s study suggested that those who adopted high-power poses demonstrated an increase in testosterone and a decrease in cortisol; not only changing your body’s chemistry, but how people actually perceive you.
Go on…TRY IT! 



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